UFOs over the intern UFOs over the intern Date:22/07/2014 Ufos land in France Ufos land in France Date:21/07/2014 UFO filmed over Moun UFO filmed over Moun Date:21/07/2014
UFO over Victoria, A UFO over Victoria, A Date:17/07/2014 Ufo over Jerez, Spai Ufo over Jerez, Spai Date:07/07/2014 Ovni en Chile Ovni en Chile Date:07/07/2014
ORB UFO'S OVER SHERM ORB UFO'S OVER SHERM Date:29/06/2014 UFO video filmed ove UFO video filmed ove Date:28/06/2014 Mysterious Lights In Mysterious Lights In Date:27/06/2014
UFO Sighting over Mu UFO Sighting over Mu Date:25/06/2014 Massive UFO Sighting Massive UFO Sighting Date:12/06/2014  Avistamiento masivo Avistamiento masivo Date:07/06/2014
Avistamiento OVNI en Avistamiento OVNI en Date:28/05/2014  Avistamiento OVNI ( Avistamiento OVNI ( Date:26/05/2014  Avistamiento Ovni e Avistamiento Ovni e Date:15/05/2014
UFO Caught on Tape N UFO Caught on Tape N Date:09/05/2014 Two UFOs over Buenos Two UFOs over Buenos Date:09/05/2014  UFO over Newport Be UFO over Newport Be Date:09/05/2014
UFO During Football UFO During Football Date:05/05/2014 Ufo caught in Mexico Ufo caught in Mexico Date:02/05/2014 UFO in the forest of UFO in the forest of Date:29/04/2014
Ufo over Lima, Peru Ufo over Lima, Peru Date:28/04/2014 Triangle UFO  over C Triangle UFO over C Date:28/04/2014 Daylight UFO over Va Daylight UFO over Va Date:25/04/2014
Fast flying saucer f Fast flying saucer f Date:24/04/2014 Cube Shaped Ufo Los Cube Shaped Ufo Los Date:23/04/2014 Lights filmed over T Lights filmed over T Date:19/04/2014
 Cigar-shaped UFO  o Cigar-shaped UFO o Date:09/04/2014 UFO activity in Los UFO activity in Los Date:07/04/2014 UFO Sighting with Tr UFO Sighting with Tr Date:02/04/2014
Cigar-shaped UFO ove Cigar-shaped UFO ove Date:27/03/2014  UFO above Orlando, UFO above Orlando, Date:24/03/2014 UFO sighting over So UFO sighting over So Date:21/03/2014
UFO sightings Paso d UFO sightings Paso d Date:16/03/2014  UFO activity over I UFO activity over I Date:16/03/2014 Triangle UFO  over K Triangle UFO over K Date:10/03/2014
UFO Hong Kong 2014 UFO Hong Kong 2014 Date:03/03/2014 Ovni cerca del volca Ovni cerca del volca Date:01/03/2014 Best UFO Sightings O Best UFO Sightings O Date:01/03/2014
Orbs UFOs  Los Angel Orbs UFOs Los Angel Date:22/02/2014  UFO sightings in Pu UFO sightings in Pu Date:21/02/2014 Large Spheres UFO ov Large Spheres UFO ov Date:19/02/2014
UFO activity over Ca UFO activity over Ca Date:15/02/2014 UFO  Triangular Over UFO Triangular Over Date:14/02/2014 UFO flying over Rome UFO flying over Rome Date:08/02/2014
Multiple UFO's Sakur Multiple UFO's Sakur Date:19/01/2014 Ovni al sur de Ciuda Ovni al sur de Ciuda Date:12/01/2014  Triangle formation Triangle formation Date:07/01/2014
UFO Sightings in Ore UFO Sightings in Ore Date:01/01/2014 UFO Sightings in Cap UFO Sightings in Cap Date:01/01/2014 UFO Sightings in Vir UFO Sightings in Vir Date:01/01/2014
 UFO activity caught UFO activity caught Date:17/12/2013  Unidentified flying Unidentified flying Date:17/12/2013  Huge UFOs filmed ov Huge UFOs filmed ov Date:15/12/2013
 UFO or orb caught o UFO or orb caught o Date:13/12/2013  UFO over San Mauro UFO over San Mauro Date:08/12/2013 UFO over Istambul UFO over Istambul Date:07/12/2013
 UFO  over Popocatep UFO over Popocatep Date:05/12/2013 UFO Los Angeles UFO Los Angeles Date:03/12/2013 OVNI con esferas lum OVNI con esferas lum Date:30/11/2013
UFO and plane Sow Sp UFO and plane Sow Sp Date:29/11/2013 Flotilla ovni Mexico Flotilla ovni Mexico Date:27/11/2013 Daytime UFO activity Daytime UFO activity Date:27/11/2013
UFO OVER MILITARY BA UFO OVER MILITARY BA Date:22/11/2013 OVNI New Central Cro OVNI New Central Cro Date:22/11/2013 UFOS en formacion tr UFOS en formacion tr Date:19/11/2013
UFO activity over Je UFO activity over Je Date:19/11/2013 Ufo over southern Id Ufo over southern Id Date:19/11/2013 UFO Flying saucer Re UFO Flying saucer Re Date:17/11/2013
 Strange lights abov Strange lights abov Date:12/11/2013 UFO's Landing And As UFO's Landing And As Date:09/11/2013 Ufo infrared Santiag Ufo infrared Santiag Date:09/11/2013
UFO Fayetteville UFO Fayetteville Date:08/11/2013 Group Of UFO's Over Group Of UFO's Over Date:07/11/2013 UFO  over Taylors Hi UFO over Taylors Hi Date:04/11/2013
UFO Over Area 51 Des UFO Over Area 51 Des Date:03/11/2013 UFO activity in the UFO activity in the Date:02/11/2013 Bright UFO hovering Bright UFO hovering Date:01/11/2013
UFO activity over Wi UFO activity over Wi Date:28/10/2013 U.F.O. Lou - October U.F.O. Lou - October Date:28/10/2013 UFO hovering above S UFO hovering above S Date:27/10/2013
UFO fastwalkers over UFO fastwalkers over Date:27/10/2013 Two UFO Videos Taken Two UFO Videos Taken Date:26/10/2013 UFOs hovering above UFOs hovering above Date:24/10/2013
Ufo Miami, Florida, Ufo Miami, Florida, Date:18/10/2013 Multi-Colored UFO In Multi-Colored UFO In Date:17/10/2013 UFOs over Tucson, Ar UFOs over Tucson, Ar Date:16/10/2013
UFO, amazing sphere UFO, amazing sphere Date:15/10/2013  UFO recorded over K UFO recorded over K Date:15/10/2013 UFO activity over Ne UFO activity over Ne Date:13/10/2013
UFO In Hong Kong UFO In Hong Kong Date:06/10/2013 UFO over San Antonio UFO over San Antonio Date:06/10/2013 UFOs or orbs over Lo UFOs or orbs over Lo Date:06/10/2013
Unknown lights hover Unknown lights hover Date:02/10/2013 UFO Michigan UFO Michigan Date:02/10/2013 UFO or orb recorded UFO or orb recorded Date:01/10/2013
UFO activity over Sa UFO activity over Sa Date:30/09/2013 UFO Sighting, Spacec UFO Sighting, Spacec Date:30/09/2013 UFO Footage - Turkey UFO Footage - Turkey Date:30/09/2013
Multiple UFO sightin Multiple UFO sightin Date:29/09/2013 Strange lights over Strange lights over Date:29/09/2013 Strange lights hover Strange lights hover Date:28/09/2013
Spectacular triangul Spectacular triangul Date:22/09/2013  Interesting UFO vid Interesting UFO vid Date:22/09/2013  UFO activity in the UFO activity in the Date:21/09/2013
Amazing UFO video fr Amazing UFO video fr Date:18/09/2013  UFO over Dusseldorf UFO over Dusseldorf Date:17/09/2013 Triangle Ufo Triangle Ufo Date:16/09/2013
UFO escorted by 2 cr UFO escorted by 2 cr Date:13/09/2013  Strange UFO activit Strange UFO activit Date:12/09/2013 2 UFO,s Appear Over 2 UFO,s Appear Over Date:11/09/2013
Flying saucer flying Flying saucer flying Date:10/09/2013 Huge UFO hovering ab Huge UFO hovering ab Date:10/09/2013 Diamond-Shaped UFO C Diamond-Shaped UFO C Date:10/09/2013
UFO activity over Va UFO activity over Va Date:09/09/2013 UFO over Memphis TN, UFO over Memphis TN, Date:08/09/2013 Unknown lights hover Unknown lights hover Date:07/09/2013
UFO hovering above D UFO hovering above D Date:29/08/2013 UFO Sighting Caught UFO Sighting Caught Date:27/08/2013 UFO over the Taj Mah UFO over the Taj Mah Date:27/08/2013
Amazing UFO over Ore Amazing UFO over Ore Date:26/08/2013 UFO Triangle formati UFO Triangle formati Date:25/08/2013 Luminous object in t Luminous object in t Date:22/08/2013
UFO Plasmatic Over P UFO Plasmatic Over P Date:20/08/2013 Twin Ufo orbs over M Twin Ufo orbs over M Date:19/08/2013 Bright UFO flying ab Bright UFO flying ab Date:19/08/2013
Shocking UFO caught Shocking UFO caught Date:12/08/2013  UFO sighting across UFO sighting across Date:12/08/2013 UFO Over Scientific UFO Over Scientific Date:11/08/2013
 UFOS Caught over Ma UFOS Caught over Ma Date:09/08/2013 Giant UFO near volca Giant UFO near volca Date:06/08/2013 UFO activity in the UFO activity in the Date:05/08/2013
Ufo in Bulgaria Ufo in Bulgaria Date:04/08/2013 UFO pyramidal,diamon UFO pyramidal,diamon Date:01/08/2013 Ufo sighting above N Ufo sighting above N Date:28/07/2013
Spectacular UFO over Spectacular UFO over Date:25/07/2013 UFO Sighting Over Ca UFO Sighting Over Ca Date:19/07/2013  Huge UFOs flying ov Huge UFOs flying ov Date:17/07/2013
 UFO activity in the UFO activity in the Date:14/07/2013 UFO Appears Over The UFO Appears Over The Date:14/07/2013 UFO Sighting In Ariz UFO Sighting In Ariz Date:13/07/2013
UFO Wiltshire UFO Wiltshire Date:09/07/2013 UFO  Over the houses UFO Over the houses Date:01/07/2013 Mexico Ufo Sighting Mexico Ufo Sighting Date:30/06/2013
Ovni gigante en Arge Ovni gigante en Arge Date:29/06/2013 UFO Derby Uk UFO Derby Uk Date:24/06/2013 Ufo over Bristol CT Ufo over Bristol CT Date:22/06/2013
UFO over Sao Paulo B UFO over Sao Paulo B Date:17/06/2013 THESE ARE UFOS VIDEO THESE ARE UFOS VIDEO Date:17/06/2013 BEST UFO SIGHTINGS M BEST UFO SIGHTINGS M Date:01/06/2013
Vertical Metallic UF Vertical Metallic UF Date:31/05/2013 Large Formation Of U Large Formation Of U Date:29/05/2013 UFO Over the Ranch i UFO Over the Ranch i Date:29/05/2013
UFO Over the Ranch i UFO Over the Ranch i Date:27/05/2013 UFO in the sky in wr UFO in the sky in wr Date:26/05/2013 Many Witness Orb UFO Many Witness Orb UFO Date:24/05/2013
ovni filme en chine ovni filme en chine Date:21/05/2013 UFO Photographed in UFO Photographed in Date:21/05/2013 Kids Record UFOs Ove Kids Record UFOs Ove Date:20/05/2013
ORB SKIMS WING OF PL ORB SKIMS WING OF PL Date:19/05/2013 Orbs at Sunshine Val Orbs at Sunshine Val Date:18/05/2013 Multiple UFOs Observ Multiple UFOs Observ Date:18/05/2013
3 UFOs Over Athens 3 UFOs Over Athens Date:18/05/2013 UFO Appears Over Loc UFO Appears Over Loc Date:18/05/2013 UFO Sighting Moore UFO Sighting Moore Date:18/05/2013
RED ORANGE U.F.O CAU RED ORANGE U.F.O CAU Date:16/05/2013 Large disc shape UFO Large disc shape UFO Date:16/05/2013 UFO Sightings in Can UFO Sightings in Can Date:16/05/2013
UFO Putting On A Lig UFO Putting On A Lig Date:12/05/2013 UFO OVER HIALEAH FLO UFO OVER HIALEAH FLO Date:12/05/2013 UFO OVER HIALEAH FL UFO OVER HIALEAH FL Date:12/05/2013
UFO? or MYSTERY CRAF UFO? or MYSTERY CRAF Date:10/05/2013 Giant UFO over Longv Giant UFO over Longv Date:09/05/2013 UFO Visits Brasil UFO Visits Brasil Date:07/05/2013
UFO huge Over Guadal UFO huge Over Guadal Date:06/05/2013 Ufos and other unusu Ufos and other unusu Date:04/05/2013 GLOWING U.F.O CAUGHT GLOWING U.F.O CAUGHT Date:04/05/2013
Manta Ray UFO Longvi Manta Ray UFO Longvi Date:03/05/2013 Amazing Crystal Clea Amazing Crystal Clea Date:02/05/2013 Best UFOsightings201 Best UFOsightings201 Date:30/04/2013
Best UFO Sightings O Best UFO Sightings O Date:30/04/2013 Ufo and ufobject sco Ufo and ufobject sco Date:29/04/2013 TRIANGLE UFO IN ANTW TRIANGLE UFO IN ANTW Date:29/04/2013
Cigar shaped UFO ove Cigar shaped UFO ove Date:28/04/2013 UFO Over Church Mexi UFO Over Church Mexi Date:28/04/2013 Sky Watch over Surpr Sky Watch over Surpr Date:28/04/2013
U.F.O U.F.O Date:27/04/2013 UFO Light Over Urugu UFO Light Over Urugu Date:27/04/2013 UFO Caught Orbiting UFO Caught Orbiting Date:26/04/2013
Another Ufo Spiral m Another Ufo Spiral m Date:25/04/2013 Spheres UFO checking Spheres UFO checking Date:24/04/2013 UFO over Oregon UFO over Oregon Date:24/04/2013
UFO Like Angel flash UFO Like Angel flash Date:23/04/2013 3 Large spheres UFO 3 Large spheres UFO Date:22/04/2013 Stunning Flying Sauc Stunning Flying Sauc Date:20/04/2013
Huge object 19 April Huge object 19 April Date:19/04/2013 UFO emerges from Vol UFO emerges from Vol Date:18/04/2013 Blunder Ufos and Moo Blunder Ufos and Moo Date:17/04/2013
UFO attack at Naval UFO attack at Naval Date:16/04/2013 UFO EXPLODES UFO EXPLODES Date:16/04/2013 OVNI UFO TRIANGULAR OVNI UFO TRIANGULAR Date:16/04/2013
UFO Sighting Over La UFO Sighting Over La Date:14/04/2013 Large UFO captured o Large UFO captured o Date:14/04/2013 Very large Disc shap Very large Disc shap Date:14/04/2013
UFO Auckland UFO Auckland Date:13/04/2013 Impresionante OVNI U Impresionante OVNI U Date:12/04/2013 UFO OVNI Or Drone An UFO OVNI Or Drone An Date:10/04/2013
UFOs in formation fl UFOs in formation fl Date:10/04/2013 Apache Helicopter Fo Apache Helicopter Fo Date:10/04/2013 single sphere single sphere Date:09/04/2013
USTREAM LIVE UFO Lar USTREAM LIVE UFO Lar Date:08/04/2013 ufo thailand ufo thailand Date:08/04/2013 Triangle UFO! Triangle UFO! Date:07/04/2013
Strange lights over Strange lights over Date:02/04/2013 OVNI UFO Nave Nodriz OVNI UFO Nave Nodriz Date:02/04/2013 UFOs over Tampa? You UFOs over Tampa? You Date:02/04/2013
Best UFO Sightings O Best UFO Sightings O Date:01/04/2013 UFOS confronted by B UFOS confronted by B Date:31/03/2013 Big Objects filmed o Big Objects filmed o Date:30/03/2013
Daytime Flying Blob Daytime Flying Blob Date:28/03/2013 UFO OVNI Trasformand UFO OVNI Trasformand Date:27/03/2013 UFO fake plane close UFO fake plane close Date:27/03/2013
The 2013 UFO Wave It The 2013 UFO Wave It Date:24/03/2013 Top 10 UFO Sightings Top 10 UFO Sightings Date:24/03/2013 UFO that shapeshifts UFO that shapeshifts Date:24/03/2013
UFO CRAFT CHANGES SH UFO CRAFT CHANGES SH Date:23/03/2013 UFO? Lights in sky o UFO? Lights in sky o Date:23/03/2013 arge disc shape UFO arge disc shape UFO Date:21/03/2013
Parallel Formation U Parallel Formation U Date:20/03/2013 Spring Equinox UFO C Spring Equinox UFO C Date:20/03/2013 UFO Secret Military UFO Secret Military Date:20/03/2013
UFO filmed from airl UFO filmed from airl Date:18/03/2013 UFO ORB chain Sunday UFO ORB chain Sunday Date:17/03/2013 UFO Arlington UFO Arlington Date:16/03/2013
Ovni UFO en forme de Ovni UFO en forme de Date:15/03/2013 Ovni UFO en forme de Ovni UFO en forme de Date:15/03/2013 UFO over Cottonwood, UFO over Cottonwood, Date:13/03/2013
UFO Descends Into Vo UFO Descends Into Vo Date:12/03/2013 UNKNOWN OBJETC B SOB UNKNOWN OBJETC B SOB Date:11/03/2013 UFO v Japonsku UFO v Japonsku Date:11/03/2013
UFO DAY TIME IRELAND UFO DAY TIME IRELAND Date:09/03/2013 Night Vision UFO Com Night Vision UFO Com Date:09/03/2013 UFO Over Armenia Mus UFO Over Armenia Mus Date:09/03/2013
UFO Flies Through Su UFO Flies Through Su Date:06/03/2013 UFO in Mexico UFO in Mexico Date:06/03/2013 UFO? Time Lapse Phot UFO? Time Lapse Phot Date:05/03/2013
Triangle UFO SPARKLE Triangle UFO SPARKLE Date:04/03/2013 UFO Sighting over De UFO Sighting over De Date:03/03/2013 2 ufos under dayligh 2 ufos under dayligh Date:03/03/2013
UFO Sighting over De UFO Sighting over De Date:03/03/2013 Five UFO lights caug Five UFO lights caug Date:02/03/2013 2 Ovni UFO brillant 2 Ovni UFO brillant Date:02/03/2013
Best UFO Sightings O Best UFO Sightings O Date:28/02/2013 UFO Sighting in Hous UFO Sighting in Hous Date:27/02/2013 Cigar Shaped UFO ove Cigar Shaped UFO ove Date:27/02/2013
UFO mothership fly o UFO mothership fly o Date:26/02/2013 UFO Flying Low over UFO Flying Low over Date:25/02/2013 UFO Very bright dayl UFO Very bright dayl Date:24/02/2013
UFO Sighting West Lo UFO Sighting West Lo Date:24/02/2013 UFO ORB TRAVELING AT UFO ORB TRAVELING AT Date:23/02/2013 Triangle UFO over Ha Triangle UFO over Ha Date:22/02/2013
UFO Sighting Red Col UFO Sighting Red Col Date:21/02/2013 UFO chase Longview UFO chase Longview Date:20/02/2013 Spherical UFO in Nor Spherical UFO in Nor Date:19/02/2013
The Best UFO Sightin The Best UFO Sightin Date:19/02/2013 Huge Ufo over Spain Huge Ufo over Spain Date:18/02/2013 Big Objects 18 feb 2 Big Objects 18 feb 2 Date:18/02/2013
UFO v Mexiku (UFO In UFO v Mexiku (UFO In Date:17/02/2013 HIGH ALTITUDE GLOWIN HIGH ALTITUDE GLOWIN Date:16/02/2013 Possible UFO Sightin Possible UFO Sightin Date:15/02/2013
Triangle UFO in Fres Triangle UFO in Fres Date:15/02/2013 Black UFO Hanging ne Black UFO Hanging ne Date:15/02/2013 UFOs Three odd dayli UFOs Three odd dayli Date:11/02/2013
OVNI VERDADERO OVNI VERDADERO Date:10/02/2013 Preludio Vimos un OV Preludio Vimos un OV Date:10/02/2013 Laszlo Paul best day Laszlo Paul best day Date:10/02/2013
UFO 5th February 201 UFO 5th February 201 Date:08/02/2013 OVNI en Volcan Popoc OVNI en Volcan Popoc Date:08/02/2013 Soundless UFO Record Soundless UFO Record Date:08/02/2013
UFO In California MO UFO In California MO Date:07/02/2013 ACTIVIDAD OVNI EN CA ACTIVIDAD OVNI EN CA Date:07/02/2013 More UFO Sightings i More UFO Sightings i Date:06/02/2013
UFO IN ANKARA UFO IN ANKARA Date:02/02/2013 UFO Video From Airpl UFO Video From Airpl Date:02/02/2013 Ufo daylight Stirlin Ufo daylight Stirlin Date:02/02/2013
Two Big Objects one Two Big Objects one Date:01/02/2013 UFOS Incredible Flee UFOS Incredible Flee Date:31/01/2013 BEST UFO SIGHTINGS J BEST UFO SIGHTINGS J Date:31/01/2013
Orb UFOs Sighted in Orb UFOs Sighted in Date:30/01/2013 UFO RUSSIA UFO RUSSIA Date:30/01/2013 Orb UFOs Sighted in Orb UFOs Sighted in Date:30/01/2013
UFO SIGHTINGS Weird UFO SIGHTINGS Weird Date:28/01/2013 UFO In California MO UFO In California MO Date:27/01/2013 Day time UFO filmed Day time UFO filmed Date:27/01/2013
UFO over nuclear pow UFO over nuclear pow Date:26/01/2013 UFO SPOTTED OVER NUN UFO SPOTTED OVER NUN Date:26/01/2013 UFO Sightings in Cot UFO Sightings in Cot Date:25/01/2013
Early Morning Myster Early Morning Myster Date:24/01/2013 Very Interesting Vid Very Interesting Vid Date:23/01/2013 UFO Hunting Sunset U UFO Hunting Sunset U Date:22/01/2013
3 UFOs Super Fast 3 UFOs Super Fast Date:20/01/2013 UFO REALE REAL UFO O UFO REALE REAL UFO O Date:20/01/2013 UFO Sightings 2013 T UFO Sightings 2013 T Date:19/01/2013
The 2013 UFO Wave It The 2013 UFO Wave It Date:18/01/2013 LAMMA show UFO LAMMA show UFO Date:17/01/2013 Unbelievable UFOs On Unbelievable UFOs On Date:17/01/2013
Triangle formation o Triangle formation o Date:16/01/2013 UFO Sighting Berlin UFO Sighting Berlin Date:16/01/2013 2 sets of UFOs light 2 sets of UFOs light Date:15/01/2013
UFO UFO Date:14/01/2013 Best UFO Sightings O Best UFO Sightings O Date:13/01/2013 UFO PEARLS MOVING UP UFO PEARLS MOVING UP Date:12/01/2013
Major UFO Sightings Major UFO Sightings Date:10/01/2013 Triangle UFO over Wa Triangle UFO over Wa Date:10/01/2013 Ufo Ovnis en pleno d Ufo Ovnis en pleno d Date:10/01/2013
8 Jan 2013 objects o 8 Jan 2013 objects o Date:08/01/2013 UFO SIGHTING BLACK O UFO SIGHTING BLACK O Date:08/01/2013 UFO Sighting in Amhe UFO Sighting in Amhe Date:08/01/2013
Classic Shaped Ufos Classic Shaped Ufos Date:07/01/2013 Glowing ufo over Dun Glowing ufo over Dun Date:07/01/2013 Flying Disc Lands In Flying Disc Lands In Date:06/01/2013
UFO Daylight sphere UFO Daylight sphere Date:04/01/2013 UFO Lands In China UFO Lands In China Date:03/01/2013 UFO Triangle of Elsi UFO Triangle of Elsi Date:02/01/2013
UFOs New Years UFOs New Years Date:01/01/2013 Unidentified Lights Unidentified Lights Date:31/12/2012 Orb UFOs and Strange Orb UFOs and Strange Date:30/12/2012
BEST UFO SIGHTINGS 2 BEST UFO SIGHTINGS 2 Date:27/12/2012 Strange Lights Over Strange Lights Over Date:27/12/2012 MYSTERIOUS IMAGE CAP MYSTERIOUS IMAGE CAP Date:27/12/2012
Christmas Day UFO Ch Christmas Day UFO Ch Date:25/12/2012 OVNI UFO Strange lig OVNI UFO Strange lig Date:25/12/2012 Christmas Day UFO Ch Christmas Day UFO Ch Date:25/12/2012
V-shaped UFO over Tu V-shaped UFO over Tu Date:24/12/2012 UFO Sichtung LIVE au UFO Sichtung LIVE au Date:21/12/2012 China UFO Follows St China UFO Follows St Date:21/12/2012
Explosions In The Sk Explosions In The Sk Date:19/12/2012 (((Ovnis locura en S (((Ovnis locura en S Date:18/12/2012 UFO video Germany UFO video Germany Date:18/12/2012
UFO OVER SANTIAGO UFO OVER SANTIAGO Date:18/12/2012 UFO Sightings in Sri UFO Sightings in Sri Date:17/12/2012 Ovni en el monte Ovni en el monte Date:16/12/2012
UFO clear sighting UFO clear sighting Date:14/12/2012 Best UFO Sightings O Best UFO Sightings O Date:12/12/2012 Amazing UFO Formatio Amazing UFO Formatio Date:12/12/2012
bakersfield ufos bakersfield ufos Date:11/12/2012 UFO Sighting in Bake UFO Sighting in Bake Date:11/12/2012 OVNI en CHIGUAYANTE OVNI en CHIGUAYANTE Date:08/12/2012
Unexplained Light Fo Unexplained Light Fo Date:08/12/2012 UFO FLEET OVER SAN F UFO FLEET OVER SAN F Date:08/12/2012 TRIANGLE UFO over EA TRIANGLE UFO over EA Date:08/12/2012
OVNI UFO ENTERREMOTO OVNI UFO ENTERREMOTO Date:07/12/2012 NV TRIANGLE UFO REAL NV TRIANGLE UFO REAL Date:07/12/2012 UFO at Long Beach Lo UFO at Long Beach Lo Date:05/12/2012
Grand Blanc Grand Blanc Date:04/12/2012 Strange Lights Over Strange Lights Over Date:03/12/2012 Night Vision capture Night Vision capture Date:03/12/2012
Mass UFO Sighting in Mass UFO Sighting in Date:01/12/2012 Best UFO Sightings O Best UFO Sightings O Date:30/11/2012 UFOs Near Surprise UFOs Near Surprise Date:30/11/2012
EXTREME UFO Activity EXTREME UFO Activity Date:29/11/2012 MOTHERSHIP UFO Sight MOTHERSHIP UFO Sight Date:28/11/2012 Amazing UFO through Amazing UFO through Date:28/11/2012
UFO Sighting Wiscons UFO Sighting Wiscons Date:27/11/2012 New Massive UFO Sigh New Massive UFO Sigh Date:27/11/2012 UFO Sighting Wiscons UFO Sighting Wiscons Date:27/11/2012
UFOs Continue to App UFOs Continue to App Date:27/11/2012 Large ORB above my h Large ORB above my h Date:26/11/2012 Breaking News HUGE U Breaking News HUGE U Date:26/11/2012
UFO OVNI OVNI ESFERA UFO OVNI OVNI ESFERA Date:25/11/2012 Multiple UFO sightin Multiple UFO sightin Date:24/11/2012 UFO Photographed ove UFO Photographed ove Date:24/11/2012
UFO Sighting Baltimo UFO Sighting Baltimo Date:21/11/2012 UFO FRESNO strange r UFO FRESNO strange r Date:20/11/2012 Breaking News UFO Si Breaking News UFO Si Date:19/11/2012
Mass UFO activity ov Mass UFO activity ov Date:19/11/2012 Ufo mexico city Ufo mexico city Date:18/11/2012 Ufo mexico city Ufo mexico city Date:18/11/2012
UFO Morphing Over Br UFO Morphing Over Br Date:17/11/2012 Mass UFO activity Th Mass UFO activity Th Date:17/11/2012 NEW UFO over Israel NEW UFO over Israel Date:16/11/2012
UFO OVNI PULZANTE UFO OVNI PULZANTE Date:13/11/2012 Stunning UFO Land an Stunning UFO Land an Date:12/11/2012 UFOs Appearing in We UFOs Appearing in We Date:12/11/2012
Stunning UFO Orlando Stunning UFO Orlando Date:11/11/2012 UFO SKY ARMADA Fleet UFO SKY ARMADA Fleet Date:11/11/2012 UFO LOW FAST UFO LOW FAST Date:11/11/2012
Rainbow Lightship Rainbow Lightship Date:09/11/2012 Blinking ufo Object Blinking ufo Object Date:08/11/2012 UFO Pensecola UFO Pensecola Date:07/11/2012
Cloaked Ufo Caught W Cloaked Ufo Caught W Date:06/11/2012 UFOs Over Longmont UFOs Over Longmont Date:06/11/2012 Amazing Galactic Fed Amazing Galactic Fed Date:06/11/2012
More lights in sudbu More lights in sudbu Date:05/11/2012 Spectacular UFO over Spectacular UFO over Date:05/11/2012 Something Bright in Something Bright in Date:05/11/2012
UFO Lights Over Phoe UFO Lights Over Phoe Date:02/11/2012 Multiple UFO sightin Multiple UFO sightin Date:02/11/2012 The best UFO videos The best UFO videos Date:02/11/2012
Copy of Unidentified Copy of Unidentified Date:02/11/2012 Best UFO Sightings O Best UFO Sightings O Date:01/11/2012 100 Proof UFOs Exist 100 Proof UFOs Exist Date:01/11/2012
UFOs Single Double C UFOs Single Double C Date:31/10/2012 Burning UFO Falls Fr Burning UFO Falls Fr Date:31/10/2012 The Best Of UFOS Bea The Best Of UFOS Bea Date:31/10/2012
HIGH ALTITUDE RED GL HIGH ALTITUDE RED GL Date:30/10/2012 Amazing UFO fleet la Amazing UFO fleet la Date:30/10/2012 UFO orb Ovni flying UFO orb Ovni flying Date:29/10/2012
Objeto extrano entra Objeto extrano entra Date:26/10/2012 Multiple UFOs Hartla Multiple UFOs Hartla Date:26/10/2012 UFO Clear capture! d UFO Clear capture! d Date:23/10/2012
Triangle UFO Hoboken Triangle UFO Hoboken Date:22/10/2012 AMAZING UFO over For AMAZING UFO over For Date:22/10/2012 UFO emerges from VOL UFO emerges from VOL Date:22/10/2012
UFO Visits Ukraine UFO Visits Ukraine Date:22/10/2012 OVNIS en Dallas Texa OVNIS en Dallas Texa Date:21/10/2012 Triangle UFO OVNI Triangle UFO OVNI Date:20/10/2012
CROSSING ORIONS BELT CROSSING ORIONS BELT Date:20/10/2012 UFO SPAIN MADRID 201 UFO SPAIN MADRID 201 Date:20/10/2012 V shaped UFO V shaped UFO Date:19/10/2012
UFO Triangle Returns UFO Triangle Returns Date:19/10/2012 Amazing Slow UFO OVN Amazing Slow UFO OVN Date:19/10/2012 UFO TRIANGLE FLYING UFO TRIANGLE FLYING Date:18/10/2012
UFO Sighted over Vir UFO Sighted over Vir Date:16/10/2012 Portland OR UFO Sigh Portland OR UFO Sigh Date:16/10/2012 UFO in Porter Ranch UFO in Porter Ranch Date:15/10/2012
Incredible UFO Over Incredible UFO Over Date:13/10/2012 UFO sightings MOST A UFO sightings MOST A Date:13/10/2012 ufo sighting in cali ufo sighting in cali Date:13/10/2012
UFO activity above l UFO activity above l Date:12/10/2012 E.B.A.N.I E.B.A.N.I Date:11/10/2012 OVNI UFO INCREDIBLE OVNI UFO INCREDIBLE Date:11/10/2012
Big Slow Moving Obje Big Slow Moving Obje Date:10/10/2012 UFO and smaller UFO UFO and smaller UFO Date:10/10/2012 Flashing triangle UF Flashing triangle UF Date:09/10/2012
UFO LARGEST DAYTIME UFO LARGEST DAYTIME Date:09/10/2012 UFO wave over Mexico UFO wave over Mexico Date:07/10/2012 UFO in Baltimore UFO in Baltimore Date:06/10/2012
Real UFO Sighting UF Real UFO Sighting UF Date:06/10/2012 UfO Mothership Stirl UfO Mothership Stirl Date:06/10/2012 Large Disc shape UFO Large Disc shape UFO Date:05/10/2012
Military denied the Military denied the Date:04/10/2012 UFO SIGHTING triangu UFO SIGHTING triangu Date:03/10/2012 UFO sighting MIND BL UFO sighting MIND BL Date:03/10/2012
Triangle UFO Madison Triangle UFO Madison Date:01/10/2012 Best UFO Sightings O Best UFO Sightings O Date:01/10/2012 Alien UFO Sighting 2 Alien UFO Sighting 2 Date:30/09/2012
Silent Flashing Red Silent Flashing Red Date:29/09/2012 UFO Sighting in Texa UFO Sighting in Texa Date:28/09/2012 Northbound Objects 2 Northbound Objects 2 Date:28/09/2012
UFO blue orb SARATOV UFO blue orb SARATOV Date:27/09/2012 UFO Sighting Amsterd UFO Sighting Amsterd Date:24/09/2012 UFO over Ranworth Br UFO over Ranworth Br Date:23/09/2012
UFO Orb Albuquerque UFO Orb Albuquerque Date:22/09/2012 On Going UFO Sightin On Going UFO Sightin Date:21/09/2012 UFO sighting New TRI UFO sighting New TRI Date:21/09/2012
Alien UFO Sighting 2 Alien UFO Sighting 2 Date:20/09/2012 UFO IN JAPAN UFO IN JAPAN Date:19/09/2012 UFO formation Dublin UFO formation Dublin Date:19/09/2012
UFOs over Phoenix??? UFOs over Phoenix??? Date:18/09/2012 Mysterious UFO orbs Mysterious UFO orbs Date:18/09/2012 Two UFOs filmed over Two UFOs filmed over Date:17/09/2012
Very Strange Lights Very Strange Lights Date:17/09/2012 UFO Sighting Crawley UFO Sighting Crawley Date:15/09/2012 Huge disc UFO Santa Huge disc UFO Santa Date:15/09/2012
ALERT! ALIEN BASE ON ALERT! ALIEN BASE ON Date:14/09/2012 Myrtle beach Ufo Myrtle beach Ufo Date:13/09/2012 UFO caught over Blac UFO caught over Blac Date:13/09/2012
UFO Sighting Seguin UFO Sighting Seguin Date:11/09/2012 UFO lights Harrisbur UFO lights Harrisbur Date:11/09/2012 Nocturnal UFO Sighti Nocturnal UFO Sighti Date:11/09/2012
Real UFO Sighting Ov Real UFO Sighting Ov Date:10/09/2012 Daytime UFO Shikoku Daytime UFO Shikoku Date:10/09/2012 UFOs - OVNIS LUMINOS UFOs - OVNIS LUMINOS Date:10/09/2012
UFOs over Fullerton UFOs over Fullerton Date:09/09/2012 Antonio Urzi Simona Antonio Urzi Simona Date:08/09/2012 UFO at Bangkok UFO at Bangkok Date:08/09/2012
ECETI Highlights  Co ECETI Highlights Co Date:07/09/2012 UFO Over Bellevue Wa UFO Over Bellevue Wa Date:07/09/2012 Daytime UFO Johannes Daytime UFO Johannes Date:07/09/2012
Amazing Sunset UFO f Amazing Sunset UFO f Date:06/09/2012 Light Flashing Objec Light Flashing Objec Date:06/09/2012 Daytime UFO formatio Daytime UFO formatio Date:04/09/2012
MUFON case number 42 MUFON case number 42 Date:02/09/2012 Mysterious Dark Shim Mysterious Dark Shim Date:02/09/2012 UFO ORB - Barcelona UFO ORB - Barcelona Date:01/09/2012
Real UFO Sighting Ov Real UFO Sighting Ov Date:31/08/2012 Up to the Minute UFO Up to the Minute UFO Date:29/08/2012 UFO / OVNI MEXICO UFO / OVNI MEXICO Date:29/08/2012
UFO? UFO? Date:28/08/2012 New video of a UFO o New video of a UFO o Date:27/08/2012 Big Objects Over Mid Big Objects Over Mid Date:27/08/2012
UFO Turtle Shape ove UFO Turtle Shape ove Date:26/08/2012 Breaking News UFO Si Breaking News UFO Si Date:26/08/2012 Intense UFO Activity Intense UFO Activity Date:25/08/2012
UFOs flying V shape, UFOs flying V shape, Date:25/08/2012 STUNNING Infrared UF STUNNING Infrared UF Date:25/08/2012 UFO SIGHTING PT 2 UFO SIGHTING PT 2 Date:25/08/2012
UFOs 3 HOT CAPTURES UFOs 3 HOT CAPTURES Date:23/08/2012 UFO Sighting Ecuador UFO Sighting Ecuador Date:19/08/2012 UFO Sighting | Reutl UFO Sighting | Reutl Date:18/08/2012
UFO Sighting Lake Na UFO Sighting Lake Na Date:16/08/2012 UFO Sighting Townsvi UFO Sighting Townsvi Date:15/08/2012 UFO over London UFO over London Date:14/08/2012
Flotilla Masiva de O Flotilla Masiva de O Date:13/08/2012 UFO Sighting Tabriz, UFO Sighting Tabriz, Date:13/08/2012 NORTHERN ONTARIO UFO NORTHERN ONTARIO UFO Date:12/08/2012
Huge UFO Orb Fleet i Huge UFO Orb Fleet i Date:11/08/2012 UFOs appearing World UFOs appearing World Date:11/08/2012 New IRREFUTABLE Lake New IRREFUTABLE Lake Date:09/08/2012
OVNI UFO La luz The OVNI UFO La luz The Date:08/08/2012 UFO Sighting Tucson UFO Sighting Tucson Date:02/08/2012 UFO 2012 Stockerau A UFO 2012 Stockerau A Date:02/08/2012
UFO Sighting Le Plan UFO Sighting Le Plan Date:01/08/2012 Schweiz UFO Switzerl Schweiz UFO Switzerl Date:01/08/2012 UFO Uknown object BO UFO Uknown object BO Date:31/07/2012
OVNI UFO Campagne de OVNI UFO Campagne de Date:31/07/2012 ROD TYPE UFO FOOTAGE ROD TYPE UFO FOOTAGE Date:31/07/2012 UFO OVER NATOMAS UFO OVER NATOMAS Date:30/07/2012
Disk Shaped UFO Foll Disk Shaped UFO Foll Date:30/07/2012 UFO over clent hills UFO over clent hills Date:29/07/2012 mazing triangle UFO mazing triangle UFO Date:28/07/2012
Ufo in South Africa Ufo in South Africa Date:28/07/2012 UFO sighting Stockto UFO sighting Stockto Date:28/07/2012 I caught a UFO over I caught a UFO over Date:27/07/2012
UFO Sighting Busan S UFO Sighting Busan S Date:26/07/2012 UFO filmed over Stoc UFO filmed over Stoc Date:26/07/2012 UFO Orange object ov UFO Orange object ov Date:26/07/2012
Something in the sky Something in the sky Date:26/07/2012 UFO Sighting Palma d UFO Sighting Palma d Date:25/07/2012 UFO impossible maneu UFO impossible maneu Date:24/07/2012
UFO Sighting London, UFO Sighting London, Date:22/07/2012 Best Of UFO Sighting Best Of UFO Sighting Date:20/07/2012 UFO Triangle Photogr UFO Triangle Photogr Date:19/07/2012
UFOs on Camera over UFOs on Camera over Date:17/07/2012 Objects heading Objects heading Date:16/07/2012 Object flares bright Object flares bright Date:15/07/2012
UFO Sighting Liverpo UFO Sighting Liverpo Date:10/07/2012 UFO, OVNIS NO BRASIL UFO, OVNIS NO BRASIL Date:10/07/2012 Mass UFO Sighting in Mass UFO Sighting in Date:10/07/2012
OVNI UFO Ship Slow t OVNI UFO Ship Slow t Date:09/07/2012 OVNI UFO Ship Slow t OVNI UFO Ship Slow t Date:09/07/2012 UFOs over Los Angele UFOs over Los Angele Date:08/07/2012
UFOs seen above the UFOs seen above the Date:07/07/2012 UFO Formation of 4 o UFO Formation of 4 o Date:07/07/2012 UFOOO UFOOO Date:07/07/2012
UFO seen at 41000 fe UFO seen at 41000 fe Date:06/07/2012 UFO and weird clouds UFO and weird clouds Date:05/07/2012 UFO 5th July 2012 UFO 5th July 2012 Date:05/07/2012
Flotilla de OVNIS en Flotilla de OVNIS en Date:04/07/2012 UFO Orange sphere ve UFO Orange sphere ve Date:04/07/2012 Black Triangle In No Black Triangle In No Date:04/07/2012
Sheilaaliens UFO Com Sheilaaliens UFO Com Date:03/07/2012 Fast UFO Kazakhstan Fast UFO Kazakhstan Date:03/07/2012 UFO VERY LARGE, FAST UFO VERY LARGE, FAST Date:30/06/2012
Must Watch Video 7 ( Must Watch Video 7 ( Date:29/06/2012 Waldo Canyon Fire UF Waldo Canyon Fire UF Date:29/06/2012 UFO sighting over Tu UFO sighting over Tu Date:29/06/2012
UFO OVNI Close Ship UFO OVNI Close Ship Date:27/06/2012 Baltic Object Transm Baltic Object Transm Date:27/06/2012 Multiple UFO Syghtin Multiple UFO Syghtin Date:25/06/2012
WHATS GOING ON??? MO WHATS GOING ON??? MO Date:24/06/2012 Real UFO sighting, F Real UFO sighting, F Date:23/06/2012 Three UFOs over the Three UFOs over the Date:23/06/2012
UFO 22nd June 2012 UFO 22nd June 2012 Date:22/06/2012 Ovni Oleada Ufo flee Ovni Oleada Ufo flee Date:22/06/2012 Ovni 21 junio 2012 Ovni 21 junio 2012 Date:22/06/2012
Ufo triangle Montere Ufo triangle Montere Date:21/06/2012 UFO in Moscow UFO in Moscow Date:20/06/2012 (((AMAZING))) TRIANG (((AMAZING))) TRIANG Date:20/06/2012
Amazing UFOs filmed Amazing UFOs filmed Date:19/06/2012 ovni som estranho va ovni som estranho va Date:19/06/2012 UFO over San Jose UFO over San Jose Date:17/06/2012
Unknown flash spotte Unknown flash spotte Date:16/06/2012 ovnis con gente ovnis con gente Date:15/06/2012 Blinking UFO Triangl Blinking UFO Triangl Date:14/06/2012
UFO escorted to Scot UFO escorted to Scot Date:12/06/2012 UFO over Bogota Colo UFO over Bogota Colo Date:10/06/2012 Whats up??? Whats up??? Date:09/06/2012
alerta Ovni Jerez de alerta Ovni Jerez de Date:09/06/2012 UFOs Flies over Redf UFOs Flies over Redf Date:09/06/2012 Objeto volando sobre Objeto volando sobre Date:07/06/2012
Ovni Israel Ovni Israel Date:07/06/2012 UFO over camp site i UFO over camp site i Date:06/06/2012 UFO Lights Over Nott UFO Lights Over Nott Date:05/06/2012
UFO Formation over A UFO Formation over A Date:04/06/2012 UFOs Near NORAD in S UFOs Near NORAD in S Date:04/06/2012 ufo ovni strange tri ufo ovni strange tri Date:03/06/2012
ery large UFO captur ery large UFO captur Date:31/05/2012 Ufo mexico city tlal Ufo mexico city tlal Date:29/05/2012 UFO In The News Denv UFO In The News Denv Date:29/05/2012
GREEN UFO ORB WITNES GREEN UFO ORB WITNES Date:27/05/2012 UFO Sighting Birming UFO Sighting Birming Date:26/05/2012 UFO Over Lebanon Mis UFO Over Lebanon Mis Date:26/05/2012
Ovnis en los tornado Ovnis en los tornado Date:22/05/2012 NZ Nightskies UFO Ha NZ Nightskies UFO Ha Date:22/05/2012 Bola de fuego Ciudad Bola de fuego Ciudad Date:20/05/2012
(((AMAZING)) UFO sig (((AMAZING)) UFO sig Date:15/05/2012 UFO Over Darlington, UFO Over Darlington, Date:12/05/2012 UFOs Scottsdale Ariz UFOs Scottsdale Ariz Date:12/05/2012
Flotilla de OVNIS so Flotilla de OVNIS so Date:08/05/2012 UFO Orb spotted over UFO Orb spotted over Date:08/05/2012 UFO activity over my UFO activity over my Date:05/05/2012
UFO on the 4th of Ma UFO on the 4th of Ma Date:05/05/2012 UFO Sighting Oklahom UFO Sighting Oklahom Date:03/05/2012 UFO over London Engl UFO over London Engl Date:02/05/2012
UFO in Moscow on May UFO in Moscow on May Date:01/05/2012 UFO Sighting Tiwanak UFO Sighting Tiwanak Date:28/04/2012 OVNI UFO CHASE PLANE OVNI UFO CHASE PLANE Date:27/04/2012
UFO over London Film UFO over London Film Date:26/04/2012 Ovni en Chiclayo Per Ovni en Chiclayo Per Date:25/04/2012 UFO seen in Pinebush UFO seen in Pinebush Date:25/04/2012
Group of 3 UFOs over Group of 3 UFOs over Date:20/04/2012 UFO GLOWING DISK DAY UFO GLOWING DISK DAY Date:20/04/2012 OVNIS EN EL CONCIERT OVNIS EN EL CONCIERT Date:19/04/2012
UFO s over Melbourne UFO s over Melbourne Date:17/04/2012 Unidentified Metalli Unidentified Metalli Date:15/04/2012 UFO Russia April 13 UFO Russia April 13 Date:13/04/2012
Compilation(4 videos Compilation(4 videos Date:09/04/2012 UFO Sighting Grand C UFO Sighting Grand C Date:09/04/2012 HIGH ALTITUDE UFO CA HIGH ALTITUDE UFO CA Date:08/04/2012
UFO_2 UFO_2 Date:07/04/2012 Alien Fleet over Nor Alien Fleet over Nor Date:07/04/2012 UFO Ovni France Bord UFO Ovni France Bord Date:06/04/2012
NZ Nightskies UFO OR NZ Nightskies UFO OR Date:04/04/2012 UFO Weird flight plu UFO Weird flight plu Date:04/04/2012 UFO Caught From Airp UFO Caught From Airp Date:04/04/2012
UFO Sighting Monumen UFO Sighting Monumen Date:03/04/2012 UFO Compelling Night UFO Compelling Night Date:02/04/2012 UFO or BALL LIGHTNIN UFO or BALL LIGHTNIN Date:02/04/2012
UFO Sighting Pic de UFO Sighting Pic de Date:01/04/2012 UFO Sighting Pic de UFO Sighting Pic de Date:01/04/2012 Tucson UFO Lights Tucson UFO Lights Date:31/03/2012
UFO OVNI UFO OVNI Date:28/03/2012 MASSIVE UFO EVENT OV MASSIVE UFO EVENT OV Date:27/03/2012 clips two big object clips two big object Date:27/03/2012
Daytime UFO over Wai Daytime UFO over Wai Date:24/03/2012 OVNI UFO Big Orb OVNI UFO Big Orb Date:23/03/2012 Orb UFO at Bangkok Orb UFO at Bangkok Date:21/03/2012
Ufo In Las Vegas Ove Ufo In Las Vegas Ove Date:21/03/2012 Recent UFO footage o Recent UFO footage o Date:21/03/2012 UFO Descending UFO Descending Date:20/03/2012
UFO over Sofia, Bulg UFO over Sofia, Bulg Date:19/03/2012 UFO Sighting Tuscalo UFO Sighting Tuscalo Date:18/03/2012 Leteci objekti iznad Leteci objekti iznad Date:18/03/2012
UFO Lights Captured UFO Lights Captured Date:17/03/2012 UFO Sighting above C UFO Sighting above C Date:16/03/2012 Multiple UFOs RAININ Multiple UFOs RAININ Date:14/03/2012
UFO Video Baffles Ch UFO Video Baffles Ch Date:14/03/2012 Two amazing daytime Two amazing daytime Date:14/03/2012 vistamiento masivo s vistamiento masivo s Date:13/03/2012
UFO Sighting Pic de UFO Sighting Pic de Date:13/03/2012 UFO dropping Light B UFO dropping Light B Date:11/03/2012 ufo filmed in Austra ufo filmed in Austra Date:10/03/2012
REAL UFO sighting in REAL UFO sighting in Date:09/03/2012 REAL UFO sighting in REAL UFO sighting in Date:09/03/2012 UFO Russia March 08 UFO Russia March 08 Date:08/03/2012
UFO Raciborz UFO Raciborz Date:06/03/2012 UFO PROBE DAY TIME F UFO PROBE DAY TIME F Date:06/03/2012 OVNI en el Mar Balti OVNI en el Mar Balti Date:05/03/2012
UFO Sichtung 2012 UFO Sichtung 2012 Date:03/03/2012 UFOs CAUGHT ON VIDEO UFOs CAUGHT ON VIDEO Date:03/03/2012 U.F.O. su Roma Eur U.F.O. su Roma Eur Date:03/03/2012
Extraordinarias foto Extraordinarias foto Date:28/02/2012 UFO flasher UFO flasher Date:27/02/2012 OVNI Visto Desde el OVNI Visto Desde el Date:27/02/2012
Avistamiento de Ovni Avistamiento de Ovni Date:26/02/2012 UFO sighted at Johor UFO sighted at Johor Date:22/02/2012 Two Objects Heading Two Objects Heading Date:22/02/2012
UFO Sighting In Swed UFO Sighting In Swed Date:19/02/2012 OVNI UFO OVNI UFO Date:16/02/2012 UFOs sighting over H UFOs sighting over H Date:16/02/2012
UFO California UFO California Date:13/02/2012 UFO Sighting Pass Ch UFO Sighting Pass Ch Date:12/02/2012 UFO ON ALANYA UFO ON ALANYA Date:11/02/2012
ufo spacecraft over ufo spacecraft over Date:10/02/2012 UFOs OVNIs Filmed ov UFOs OVNIs Filmed ov Date:08/02/2012 UFO Tuscaloosa UFO Tuscaloosa Date:08/02/2012
Spectacular UFO flyo Spectacular UFO flyo Date:06/02/2012 Slow then Fast Obect Slow then Fast Obect Date:06/02/2012 UFO Sighting over UFO Sighting over Date:05/02/2012
Ufo sichtung vom Ufo sichtung vom Date:03/02/2012 Huge Fireball Over T Huge Fireball Over T Date:02/02/2012 UFO sighting over Av UFO sighting over Av Date:02/02/2012
UFO over Welwyn Gard UFO over Welwyn Gard Date:01/02/2012 UFO over St Helens UFO over St Helens Date:01/02/2012 Unmanned UFO scanner Unmanned UFO scanner Date:31/01/2012
UFO Sightings in Col UFO Sightings in Col Date:29/01/2012 Ovni en california Ovni en california Date:28/01/2012 Extranas luces en el Extranas luces en el Date:28/01/2012
UFO Flotte UFO Flotte Date:26/01/2012 ufo in pontypridd ufo in pontypridd Date:25/01/2012 Avistamiento OVNI Na Avistamiento OVNI Na Date:25/01/2012
Amazing UFO UFA Amazing UFO UFA Date:23/01/2012 UFO over Lima Peru v UFO over Lima Peru v Date:22/01/2012 UFO over Lima Peru UFO over Lima Peru Date:22/01/2012
UFOS over Richmond V UFOS over Richmond V Date:20/01/2012 UFO UFO Date:18/01/2012 Ovni filmado en Cart Ovni filmado en Cart Date:18/01/2012
UFO near Jacksonvill UFO near Jacksonvill Date:16/01/2012 Two objects one head Two objects one head Date:16/01/2012 UFOs UFOs Date:13/01/2012
UFO invasion in Swed UFO invasion in Swed Date:12/01/2012 UFO invasion in Swed UFO invasion in Swed Date:12/01/2012 UFO UFO Date:12/01/2012
UFO Sichtung 2012 UFO Sichtung 2012 Date:10/01/2012 Amazing Clear FOOTAG Amazing Clear FOOTAG Date:10/01/2012 Triangle UFO Triangle UFO Date:09/01/2012
UFO sighting Walling UFO sighting Walling Date:09/01/2012 OVNI UFO FLYING SAUC OVNI UFO FLYING SAUC Date:08/01/2012 RBS CAUGHT ON VIDEOT RBS CAUGHT ON VIDEOT Date:07/01/2012
UFO droping small sp UFO droping small sp Date:07/01/2012 UFO Over Mount Hermo UFO Over Mount Hermo Date:07/01/2012 AMAZING FOOTAGE UFO AMAZING FOOTAGE UFO Date:07/01/2012
OVNI UFO Explosion M OVNI UFO Explosion M Date:06/01/2012 UFO footage over sou UFO footage over sou Date:04/01/2012 LATEST SPHERE UFO 20 LATEST SPHERE UFO 20 Date:01/01/2012
UFO Decends Over Tai UFO Decends Over Tai Date:01/01/2012 Ufo sighting North V Ufo sighting North V Date:01/01/2012 NEW Triangle UFO Sig NEW Triangle UFO Sig Date:01/01/2012
UFO in The Netherlan UFO in The Netherlan Date:30/12/2011 UFO in Moscow UFO in Moscow Date:29/12/2011 UFO or Santas little UFO or Santas little Date:29/12/2011
What about these Glo What about these Glo Date:28/12/2011 Recent New York UFO Recent New York UFO Date:28/12/2011 Triangle UFO formati Triangle UFO formati Date:25/12/2011
UFO FLEET UFO FLEET Date:24/12/2011 UFO activity over SL UFO activity over SL Date:24/12/2011 5 Angles UFO Mysteri 5 Angles UFO Mysteri Date:23/12/2011
Strange Objects desc Strange Objects desc Date:21/12/2011 UFO Over Netherlands UFO Over Netherlands Date:19/12/2011 Unknown Objects over Unknown Objects over Date:17/12/2011
Strange Object in Co Strange Object in Co Date:16/12/2011 Tr 3b UFO over Londo Tr 3b UFO over Londo Date:14/12/2011 UFO On Truck Makes N UFO On Truck Makes N Date:14/12/2011
Madre Nodriza en Pho Madre Nodriza en Pho Date:11/12/2011 OVI sign? OVI sign? Date:11/12/2011 Mt. Lemmon at Night Mt. Lemmon at Night Date:11/12/2011
Triangle UFO In Conn Triangle UFO In Conn Date:08/12/2011 Huge unidentified cr Huge unidentified cr Date:07/12/2011 fo numerous ufo acti fo numerous ufo acti Date:07/12/2011
UFO december UFO december Date:04/12/2011 Area 51 Radar Anomal Area 51 Radar Anomal Date:02/12/2011 UFO sighted flying c UFO sighted flying c Date:02/12/2011
UFO Orb November UFO Orb November Date:30/11/2011 Bright UFO Bright UFO Date:29/11/2011 UFO Sighting Denver UFO Sighting Denver Date:28/11/2011
Strange Rare Phenome Strange Rare Phenome Date:27/11/2011 Large UFO Over Sydne Large UFO Over Sydne Date:26/11/2011 4 UFOs at Bangkok 4 UFOs at Bangkok Date:26/11/2011
UFO sigthing UFO sigthing Date:22/11/2011 Not Long To Go Not Long To Go Date:21/11/2011 UFO over Kuban UFO over Kuban Date:21/11/2011
Ovni UFO 3 Ovni UFO 3 Date:19/11/2011 UFO over Koktebel UFO over Koktebel Date:19/11/2011 UFO lights UFO lights Date:18/11/2011
Nov 16, 2011 Cedar C Nov 16, 2011 Cedar C Date:16/11/2011 UFO Strange sighting UFO Strange sighting Date:15/11/2011 UFO hovering over Ri UFO hovering over Ri Date:15/11/2011
TERCER MILENIO P.1 O TERCER MILENIO P.1 O Date:14/11/2011 Triangle UFO over Triangle UFO over Date:13/11/2011 UFO New Orleans UFO New Orleans Date:12/11/2011
UFO Madrid 2011 UFO Madrid 2011 Date:11/11/2011 Ovnis Madrid Ovnis Madrid Date:11/11/2011 UFO  Slows, Stops, C UFO Slows, Stops, C Date:11/11/2011
UFO Mass Fleet Over UFO Mass Fleet Over Date:09/11/2011 Lightship UFO Cruisi Lightship UFO Cruisi Date:08/11/2011 riangle craft above riangle craft above Date:07/11/2011
Mysterious Lights fi Mysterious Lights fi Date:06/11/2011 UFO uber Kolumbien UFO uber Kolumbien Date:06/11/2011 UFOs in Moscow UFOs in Moscow Date:05/11/2011
Holy Crap! The Phoen Holy Crap! The Phoen Date:03/11/2011 UFOs over Phoenix UFOs over Phoenix Date:03/11/2011 UFO caught with traf UFO caught with traf Date:03/11/2011
Giant Disc UFO Multi Giant Disc UFO Multi Date:31/10/2011 Ovni UFO Ovni UFO Date:30/10/2011 UFO display, Melbour UFO display, Melbour Date:30/10/2011
UFO sighting October UFO sighting October Date:30/10/2011 UFO over Xalapa, Ver UFO over Xalapa, Ver Date:28/10/2011 UFO Over Ireland UFO Over Ireland Date:26/10/2011
Mensaje de Jaime Mau Mensaje de Jaime Mau Date:23/10/2011 Another Unknown Form Another Unknown Form Date:22/10/2011 UFO MORPHING DAY TIM UFO MORPHING DAY TIM Date:22/10/2011
Adams Morgan UFO Adams Morgan UFO Date:21/10/2011 UFO Funny airplane i UFO Funny airplane i Date:18/10/2011 3 UFOs at Bangkok 3 UFOs at Bangkok Date:18/10/2011
Videos OVNI en Rusia Videos OVNI en Rusia Date:17/10/2011 UFO Ukraine October UFO Ukraine October Date:17/10/2011 Ovni Portugal Gaia O Ovni Portugal Gaia O Date:16/10/2011
OVNI EVIDENCIAS OVNI EVIDENCIAS Date:13/10/2011 UFO over Chimbote Pe UFO over Chimbote Pe Date:12/10/2011 UFO, over Medellin C UFO, over Medellin C Date:10/10/2011
UFO, 2 glowing orbs UFO, 2 glowing orbs Date:08/10/2011 UFOs in Missouri UFOs in Missouri Date:08/10/2011 UFO Sighting Redondo UFO Sighting Redondo Date:08/10/2011
Pequeno OVNI em LINS Pequeno OVNI em LINS Date:07/10/2011 UFOs flying over Ste UFOs flying over Ste Date:07/10/2011 BRIGHT TRIANGLE UFO BRIGHT TRIANGLE UFO Date:06/10/2011
Black Triangle Flyin Black Triangle Flyin Date:05/10/2011 UFOS,OVNIS UFOS,OVNIS Date:04/10/2011 UFO over Missouri UFO over Missouri Date:04/10/2011
UFOs Over Wheat Rdge UFOs Over Wheat Rdge Date:02/10/2011 UFO OVER LONG ISLAND UFO OVER LONG ISLAND Date:02/10/2011 ufos in Vancouver ufos in Vancouver Date:01/10/2011
UFOs over Yerevan UFOs over Yerevan Date:01/10/2011 UFO activity October UFO activity October Date:01/10/2011 2 UFO OCTOBER 2011 D 2 UFO OCTOBER 2011 D Date:01/10/2011
UFO activity over Ph UFO activity over Ph Date:30/09/2011 Video OVNI Sendai Video OVNI Sendai Date:30/09/2011 Strange, Dark Mass S Strange, Dark Mass S Date:30/09/2011
CARDUFOS CARDUFOS Date:27/09/2011 UFO Sighting Thunder UFO Sighting Thunder Date:27/09/2011 UFO sighting. Auckla UFO sighting. Auckla Date:27/09/2011
Triangle UFO formati Triangle UFO formati Date:25/09/2011 UFO activity over Pi UFO activity over Pi Date:24/09/2011 UFO footage over Cal UFO footage over Cal Date:23/09/2011
Daytime UFO over Mex Daytime UFO over Mex Date:22/09/2011 Triangle UFO over Do Triangle UFO over Do Date:21/09/2011 UFOs near Apple Vall UFOs near Apple Vall Date:20/09/2011
September 2011 UFO s September 2011 UFO s Date:20/09/2011 Low Unidentified Obj Low Unidentified Obj Date:20/09/2011 UFOs caught! UFOs caught! Date:20/09/2011
ufo 2011 Sevastopol ufo 2011 Sevastopol Date:19/09/2011 Tucson Arizona UFO S Tucson Arizona UFO S Date:19/09/2011 UFO over Fraser Vall UFO over Fraser Vall Date:19/09/2011
submarine?..shark? submarine?..shark? Date:17/09/2011 UFO Fleet Over Egypt UFO Fleet Over Egypt Date:17/09/2011 UFO over Ballinger UFO over Ballinger Date:14/09/2011
REAT UFO FOOTAGE REAT UFO FOOTAGE Date:14/09/2011 UFO fleet sighting o UFO fleet sighting o Date:14/09/2011 HUGE UFO CRAFT FILME HUGE UFO CRAFT FILME Date:14/09/2011
UFO sighting triangu UFO sighting triangu Date:11/09/2011 Ufo sighting over gi Ufo sighting over gi Date:10/09/2011 Triangle UFO over Ap Triangle UFO over Ap Date:08/09/2011
UFO Flies Over Fort UFO Flies Over Fort Date:07/09/2011 Glowing Triangle UFO Glowing Triangle UFO Date:07/09/2011 Ovni Base Aerea El B Ovni Base Aerea El B Date:07/09/2011
UFO passing in front UFO passing in front Date:06/09/2011 UFO UFO Date:05/09/2011 UFO Three objects UFO Three objects Date:05/09/2011
UFO over Tucson UFO over Tucson Date:04/09/2011 Huge UFO Seen In Uga Huge UFO Seen In Uga Date:04/09/2011 UFO sighting over UFO sighting over Date:03/09/2011
Unknown Object Monit Unknown Object Monit Date:03/09/2011 CLOSEUP OF UFO CLOSEUP OF UFO Date:03/09/2011 Lights In Costa Rica Lights In Costa Rica Date:01/09/2011
Ufo in Parma Ohio Ufo in Parma Ohio Date:01/09/2011 Blinking UFO Capture Blinking UFO Capture Date:01/09/2011 Ovni Santiago Chile Ovni Santiago Chile Date:31/08/2011
O.V.N.I. En Santiago O.V.N.I. En Santiago Date:30/08/2011 UFO Fleet over Mecca UFO Fleet over Mecca Date:30/08/2011 UFO OVNI Twins filme UFO OVNI Twins filme Date:29/08/2011
UFO Over UFO Over Date:29/08/2011 UFO LARGE TRIANGLE UFO LARGE TRIANGLE Date:29/08/2011 MUST SEE MUST SEE Date:29/08/2011
Twins filmed station Twins filmed station Date:29/08/2011 UFO UKRAINE UFO UKRAINE Date:27/08/2011 Unbelievable UFO New Unbelievable UFO New Date:26/08/2011
UFO Ovni verified Ma UFO Ovni verified Ma Date:25/08/2011 UFO? Meteorite? UFO? Meteorite? Date:25/08/2011 UFO Sighting Weird L UFO Sighting Weird L Date:25/08/2011
Mass UFO Sighting Ov Mass UFO Sighting Ov Date:23/08/2011 UFO spotted in Guang UFO spotted in Guang Date:22/08/2011 UFO or a pulsating s UFO or a pulsating s Date:21/08/2011
UFO SU PARIGI UFO SU PARIGI Date:21/08/2011 Strange fast object Strange fast object Date:19/08/2011 Ufo,Belgrade,Serbia Ufo,Belgrade,Serbia Date:19/08/2011
Weird Report on the Weird Report on the Date:17/08/2011 UFOs over Oslo UFOs over Oslo Date:17/08/2011 UFO South Korea Augu UFO South Korea Augu Date:17/08/2011
UFOs (???) over Ptuj UFOs (???) over Ptuj Date:13/08/2011 Ufo ? Mass Sighting Ufo ? Mass Sighting Date:13/08/2011 Orbs Fly By Serpent Orbs Fly By Serpent Date:13/08/2011
Triangle Craft Signa Triangle Craft Signa Date:09/08/2011 UFO UFO Date:08/08/2011 Armada of UFOs over Armada of UFOs over Date:06/08/2011
Huge UFO massive pow Huge UFO massive pow Date:05/08/2011 UFO Going back to Lo UFO Going back to Lo Date:29/07/2011 OVNI avvistamento UF OVNI avvistamento UF Date:27/07/2011
UFO Over UFO Over Date:23/07/2011 UFOs more people UFOs more people Date:24/06/2011 Daytime UFO over Uti Daytime UFO over Uti Date:20/06/2011
UFO in BRAZIL UFO in BRAZIL Date:21/05/2011 Ufo live video Ufo live video Date:20/04/2011 UFOs in Moscow UFOs in Moscow Date:01/04/2011
ufo orb or lantern n ufo orb or lantern n Date:05/03/2011 Greatest UFO Mystery Greatest UFO Mystery Date:03/06/2010 Madrid Madrid Date:23/05/2010